Rough Times Ahead for Missouri

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Missouri made a big mistake electing Josh Hawley yesterday sadly. I’m all about putting aside differences do get things done, but the only thing this tool will get done is whatever lines his pockets. Claire wasn’t the best but now you have someone who’s constitutions are least of his concerns. Now we get 4 or 6 years of full Republican control of the MO government.

Say hello to lower wages, more working hours, dismantling of social security, medicare, SNAP, union rights being taken away in favor of corporate rights. This dude legit made a commercial saying he supports insurance companies covering pre-existing conditions, WHILE HE IS PART OF A BILL TO REMOVE IT. At this point I’m resigned to not having healthcare once I’m 26.

Please for the love of god stop voting on stupid fear-tactic shit that is 100% devised to make people think Democrats are lawless bandits who want handouts. Re-think your priorities and think about the issues like healthcare, college debt, worker rights, personal liberty, and most importantly the FUTURE of the USA. R’s have pulled the wool over the eyes off too many Americans and fooled them into thinking they are the party of “freedom, police, and bootstraps”.

In reality, they are the party of clever deception at the level of the Congressman and FOX News hosts, and the party of cognitive dissonance and ingrained tribalism at the voters level.

I know Boomers and Gen X have been led to believe that the taxes that comes out of your paycheck go straight to drug addicted methheads beneath a underpass, but the truth is the conservative media will focus on a story like that all day, yet completely ignore the taxes that came out of your paycheck to fund social services because REPUBLICANS refuse to let any of their money be used to upgrade America and/or the living conditions of it’s citizens. Imagine how much better this already great country could be if we just used the tax money we gave away to millionaires wisely. What in the legit fuck is the point of a $6,200,000,000,000 (yes 6.2 TRILLION dollars) tax cut just to give 99% of the benefits to corporate executives and other Wall St. cronies. Imagine what that money could have been used for. IDK, maybe; improving schools, infrastructure, healthcare, housing development, increased wages, college debt and forgiveness, paying me to move out of this state (lol), the list goes on and on. Instead we got a nice $1.9 TRILLION added to the nation debt that the republicans used to care so much about, and extra money for the multi-millionaire CEOs. For what purpose? Obviously there was never any plans to “trickle down” some of those tax cuts to the lower class, you can even see them literally admit they won’t raise wages.

I would really like someone who supports Hawley and Trumps agenda to reply for a reasonable level headed discussion. What are your priorities and while you ponder that keep in mind the consequences for the future generations. It’s the responsibility of every generation to assure that the foundations of American democracy do not falter, and we are as close to that happening as we have been since the civil war.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if I made someone reconsider a position they held before, I’d call that a success.


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