CNN Hits a New Low With Misleading Election Coverage

Have you seen the new CNN poll results? I tuned in to watch Bernie Sanders’ interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on New Day this morning. This being the morning after a new CNN/ORC poll for the Democratic nomination was released.  What were the results? The poll showed that Sanders had gained 4% since CNN’s last poll in November, and Clinton had lost 8%. That totals up to a 12% swing in Sanders’ favor, with last night’s poll having Clinton up 16% total, her 50% to 34% for Bernie Sanders. Sanders has actually reduced Clinton’s lead to where it was before Joe Biden declared he would not enter the race.


So, how did CNN report this poll on their website? The headline is misleading at best, and blatant propaganda at worst. It reads “CNN poll: Post-debate, voters move to Clinton“. You read that right… voters move to Clinton.  How does CNN justify this, you ask? If you watch the video on that article, CNN’s Dana Bash attempts to explain. She explains that when CNN interviewed likely voters before the last Democratic debate, Clinton’s lead was only 45% to 37%, but in Dana’s words increased to 60% to 27% “in interviews taken the night… uh the morning after the debate“. That’s right folks; when CNN got a poll result that showed Bernie Sanders had almost cut Clinton’s lead in half, they used data that wasn’t even reported in the poll to spin it as great news for Hillary Clinton.

There is one bright spot, however. Chris Cuomo’s coverage between segments of the Bernie Sanders interview was more generous than usual network coverage. He mentioned, however briefly, that Sanders usually does better than Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders actually thanked Chris on covering him more than many other news anchors. A few times between the 3 interview segments they showed the actual poll numbers, thankfully.

It’s not all roses on CNN’s television network today, though. What if you didn’t catch the Sanders interview coverage? I’ve had CNN on since New Day started, and the news ticker on the bottom of the television has only showed the “interview results” along with laughably biased context, saying things like (paraphrasing) “Bernie Sanders confident, even after he loses ground to Clinton in race after Democratic debate.”

CNN is doing everything they can to convince people that the Democratic nomination will be a coronation. It could easily backfire if some Clinton supporters don’t bother to primary or caucus because they were convinced she had the nomination secured.

While it probably won’t fix anything, you can sign this petition to show support for CNN to change the article headline. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!





  1. John Smith · December 24, 2015

    The night after and the morning after the debate were still inside the polling window though.


  2. aliteralmind · December 24, 2015

    People really need to stop wasting time discussing the well known and expected corruption. It is a waste of time to write articles like this, to create petitions about it, and especially to FEEL outrage about it. It’s like an abused spouse that keeps complaining about their abuser instead of just GETTING OUT OF THR RELATIONSHIP.

    Take all that energy, all that anger and frustration, and instead of throwing it into the bottomless pits of MSM’s email boxes and customer service centers, put it all into helping Bernie become the next president!

    They want nothing more than to waste our time and make us look like conspiracy nuts in the process.

    You think they actually care about our outrage? They would love nothing more than to receive our letters and videos and peritions, because that’s time we’re not spending helping Bernie.

    I do think we should document the headlines, by taking screenshots and preserving the polls/information they contradict (a blog post about only this, WITHOUT THE OUTRAGE, just the raw information, I think would be invaluable).

    But for the rest of us, please, just help Bernie.

    Bernie Sanders being elected as the next president of the United States would be the sweetest revenge of all.

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  4. Teri Juliano · December 25, 2015

    Thank you for writing this. It is saddening that the media has turned its back on the American people. We need our media to give us honest, accurate and unbiased reporting so that we can make an informed choice. The journalists of today have turned their backs on those who came before them, men and women who risked everything, sometimes even risking their lives to bring the news to the people of this country. It is shameful that they would support and participate in this biased and corrupt political process . Our forefathers fought for us to have a Democracy, and We will be taking our government back!


  5. Dominick · December 25, 2015

    I will vote with my remote. No more CNN in our home!


  6. jayvay · December 28, 2015

    Reblogged this on JayVay.


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